Carbon Offsets


Camino Verde partners with businesses, organizations, and individuals to offset carbon footprints (CO2 emissions) through reforestation and other methods.  We develop unique, innovative programs in direct collaboration with each partner to best meet their needs.  Our carbon offset programs represent an important fundraising tool, as donors "adopt" trees we plant and contribute to their maintenance.  

Please contact us to explore developing a carbon offset partnership for your company, your oganization, or your personal carbon footprint.

A few of our vital partnerships:


Zackin Publications is the publisher of Solar Industry Magazine and North American Windpower and more.  In 2010, Camino Verde planted over 750 trees in honor of Zackin Publications.  These "Zackin Publications trees" will absorb an amount of CO2 each year equivalent to the emissions created by the paper used in the production of their magazines.


C6 is a design company that makes durable, stylish accessories "for your digital life."  Starting in 2011, the company has supported Camino Verde´s efforts to absorb and capture CO2 through the use of agricultural charcoal, also known as biochar.


Shaman´s Market is an online store offering a wide range of handicrafts, incens es, foods, and more.  Since 2009, making them our longest carbon offset partner, Shaman´s Market has offered customers the option of voluntarily adding $2 to their order total to offset the carbon foo tprint associated with shipping orders.  This goes toward tree planting activities by Camino Verde.


Runcato Shop is an online store offering handcrafted Peruvian products.  Similar to Shaman´s Market, Runcato offers carbon offsets for shipping through donations to Camino Verde´s tree planting campaigns.  Starting in 2013, Runcato and Camino Verde partner for a very special tree-planting initiative-- details to be announced. is an organization interested in the traditional use of medicinal and healing incenses in a healing and exploration context.  TrancePlants donates 5% of all profits to Camino Verde.