Conservation of Primary Forests


The conservation of intact ecosystems is one of the most meaningful investments we can make in our children’s future.  Our reforestation efforts aim to restore cleared forests and help farmers avoid more deforestation.  But primary forests require no intervention other than our awe and our willingness to keep them as they are.

Camino Verde's first primary forest area, acquired in 2007, includes a 55 acre area (22 hectares) certified in 2013 as a Private Conservation Area in perpetuity by Peru’s Ministry of the Environment.  Another 75 acres (30 hectares) of primary forest were acquired in 2011 as part of a purchase of 100 acres total (40 hectares).  Finally, in 2013 our total owned land expanded to 250 acres.

As part of an innovative conservation initiative, in 2010 we teamed up with an area timber company to create a 1500 acre (600 hectare) conservation area within the company’s forestry concession.  Camino Verde directly manages over 500 acres (200 hectares) of this conservation area.

See map below.