Supporting Indigenous Wisdom


In keeping with our mission to protect indigenous rights, autonomy, and wisdom, Camino Verde carries out programs intended to preserve and document the vast knowledge and experience of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon and beyond.  With a special emphasis on medicinal trees and other useful plants, we seek to actively intervene in the ecological and cultural erosion that jointly threatens  rainforest tribes and nations.

In 2009 our work in Supporting Indigenous Wisdom focuses on the creation of infrastructure at the home and health clinic of one of the Tambopata region's most revered healers.  The construction of additional lodging space for patients and visitors helps support the millenia-old tradition practiced by the herbal healers of the Amazon, in this case in the native community of Infierno. 

Springing from this project, 2010 will find us documenting and publishing some of the plant lore and wisdom of the healers of the Tambopata region, culminating in a book series on medicinal plants in Spanish and English.  Please check back here for future developments.